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At home with Windows 7

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by , 31st January 2009 at 06:39 PM (2060 Views)
After messing with Betas of Vista (urgh..... shudder shudder)... the arrival of the Win7 beta DVD on my desk was put off somewhat.

Well... after all the reading of the various blogs ( mainly - cheers Paul), I dared to give it a roll. Impressed doesnt even come close... under Vista betas, I was expecting a fight with drivers. Nope - all there! Its quick too - very quick, not just in installation - but full use. In fact, after a week, Im using it as my primary OS on my laptop rather than the Vista SP2 which Im also trialing.

So... what does all this mean?? Well... I know I wont be installing Vista at work now. Why bother, when I know that a few months later - Ill have to deal with 7. Also, 7 has so far not bugged the hell out of me with UAC and application issues. The App Compat wizard in 7 seems more refined and helpful.

Next stop, put this in the SCCM console which Im also playing with (see other blog posts) - which should be fine as they are kinda the same. Then I can give it a roll with some of the Network software.

Right - now off to Saturday night drinking!
Blog and out!


  1. ranj's Avatar
    Agree. Have to say the UAC issues seems to be far better resolved in Windows 7. Vista was a pain with this and your right it doesnt make sense to upgrade to Vista now.
  2. ZeroHour's Avatar
    I did 2 upgrades to windows 7, one on a laptop that was fairly stable as vista and the other a desktop that was pretty mished and both worked
    Only problem now is my dell printer does not work but thats typical.
  3. bulletproofbaba's Avatar
    I presume you are aware that this is a beta version ? which expires in a few months?
  4. ZeroHour's Avatar
    I am, I was planning a wipe of both the pc's anyway.
  5. bulletproofbaba's Avatar
    ok, I tested Win 7 and runs smoothly compared to Vista, shame they cannot run the beta over a longer term, I have tried to change the date, but it expires immediately !, good luck anyway !!!


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