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  1. BETT 2013

    , 2nd February 2013 at 09:20 PM
    Well, I said I was going to BETT and here I am blogging about it. Thanks to LickOfPaint for the comment - I remember going to BETT a couple of years ago and joining Edugeek as a result. I have been using it for hints and tips and to find out info. about certain things, but had never blogged before. So, I was glad to see your comment - thanks!

    So - BETT was, as ever, exciting, inspiring and a good event where I was able to see the latest gadgets and gizmos for my classroom. I ...
  2. BETT show

    by , 30th January 2013 at 09:48 PM
    Well, today I visited the BETT show at Excel in London and, as a result, today I joined EduGeek.
    I wonder what other BETT show visitors made of it?

    I made a beeline for and particularly enjoyed the event 'Technology and How We Learn' where Armand D'Angour, Bette Chambers and Susan Greenfield gave us their take on what 'educational software/programming' ought to be aiming for. Highly though provoking.
    Brave and outspoken, I particularly enjoyed Bette Chambers (Uni York and ...
  3. First geek post...

    , 29th January 2013 at 04:27 PM
    Well, my first post on my Edugeek blog!! I have had the account since January 2010 and never even knew there was a Blogging platform, built in to the site!

    I have loved Edugeek and its forums / blogs since I went to BETT in January 2010 (hence joining then!), and I am currently mega-excited (yes, I know, a little sad!) about BETT this year, as I am going up on Thursday.

    What makes it better this year, is that I am taking a group of Year 13 BTEC students with me!
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  4. BETT Show - The Summary

    by , 18th January 2012 at 11:23 AM (Grumbledook's stuff!)
    It may seem a little strange to write a summary without having written the other posts … but best to keep things short and sweet.

    There will be more posts, but rather than the initial splurge of activity post-BETT I thought I would share ideas, opinions, what I saw, conversations I had, etc … but over a longer period … and it also means that I have the benefit of looking at blog posts from others too … and this year there are a plethora of posts!

    I am pretty sure I ...
  5. BETT 2012

    , 16th January 2012 at 07:54 PM (100 Grades Per Minute)
    Recycling bins filling up, spam folders overflowing. Yes it's that time of year again when you come into work with a bag full of leaflets and find half of them make their way into the bin. BETT 2012 is finished and the dust is settling in the Olympia Exhibition Hall for the last time with BETT 2013 scheduled for the ExCeL Centre instead.

    Click here for pciturs on Google+.

    This year saw the return of the Edugeek stand to provide tech staff with an amusing diversion in ...

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