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End of Summer - Progress Report

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by , 31st August 2012 at 07:46 PM (6197 Views)
So, it's the last Friday of Summer and our task is far from complete.

Not sure why - bad planning, bad luck, best intentions etc. It'd certainly have been easier if we were allowed to stay for full days but on the other hand I think all of us were appreciative of half days when it was nice out!

We were severely held back by an email hack; we believed at first it was easy passwords but further probing of the staff involved showed this wasn't the case. That was about 3 days of only half concentrating on the task at hand, but it's sorted and thankfully without having our ISP cut us off.
Printers proved to be a little difficult - after thinking we'd sorted it, it reared it's ugly head again today but that turned out to be drivers that just wouldn't install for normal users. Other printers were fine, but still it was a few hours lost.
WSUS wasn't quite working as it should but half a day this week got that sorted without issue.
Software deployment I think has been a bit of a learning process. I had become expert in the commissioning of SCCM however there's still a lot to learn for all of us about the runnings. Quite a few MSI's just worked off the bat which was fantastic, and better still a lot of packages straight from the RMPackages folder of CC3 just worked straight away, however the amount of time spent on getting Solidworks 2012 working was ridiculous. In the end we just used Impero to push it out. Solidworks is clearly not designed with deployment to enterprises/schools in mind, the deployment options they have are just daft. (Deploy via email is their preferred method).
A surprise package was Serif (Drawplus and Webplus). They're not great programs, in fact I think they're bloody awful; one huge saving grace though was the fantastic deployment documentation. It just worked. Even Adobe CS5 was rather quite painless!

We've effectively gained another ICT suite by the removal of a library, so we'd spent a good bit of time unpacking new computers, networking it up and getting CCTV sorted for it once they'd completed the works in there. We're quite pleased with that, however it'll always leave a bitter pill for us - losing the library also meant we lost a valued, respected and generally lovely colleague who was always there for a conversation. She'll certainly be missed, there are not many with her spirit left here.

We've decided to hold off on further software - there's so much that's built up over the years we think the best way forward is to get what we know done (which is done) and leave everything else. As and when stuff is *actually required* it'll get installed.
So I think we're there. There's still a lot we'd rather have a good week to finish off, mostly testing. It's all done entirely from scratch with nothing imported, so no doubt there's going to be a few people doing things they shouldn't be able to, but the important security stuff is clear.

All we can do now is wait for our new broadband provision! We'll miss EMBC, they've been absolutely cracking for reliability and service through the years, but we must move with the times and must go somewhere that represents value for money. School's Broadband have certainly been more than supportive and look forward to seeing what they can do. Was rather hoping we'd be up and running already but BT Openreach are yet again proving their usefullness in the communication industry by not having a clue where our own circuit is. I wonder if they tried looking behind the sofa?



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