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British Grand Prix 2012. A lesson in not being a moron.

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by , 7th July 2012 at 01:02 PM (13004 Views)
Right, I've had it. I've had it up to my eyeballs with the media and countless thousands of moronic sheep whining about the Grand Prix currently.
"OMG we can't get in!" "We can't park" and "It's ALL SILVERSTONE'S FAULT".

Why do people get a bit annoyed (understandable tbh) then after seeing someone else's annoyance, automatically attach to their state of mind and change from a sensible human being into a mindless moronic sheep. Sheeple.

Some thoughts for anyone who moans or thinks about moaning.

1. Consider exactly how much money Silverstone will lose, refunding all those unused tickets for yesterday and today. That's a hell of a lot of money, especially when you consider that
2. Silverstone is one of the few Grand Prix circuits in the world with NO GOVERNMENT FINANCIAL BACKING. It runs entirely on it's own merit, with it's own organisation and as it's own entity. And it succeeds the majority of the time. But sometimes, bad things happen. Like
3. Extreme weather conditions. People are CONSTANTLY blaming Silverstone for the weather. The majority of car parking is on grass. Oddly enough, we have a bit of a bad week with that so the majority of said parking is either damn soggy or the bottom of a pond. The same goes for some of the camp sites. Some things just can't be helped. Silverstone are looking for more major investment to tackle problems just like this. It's often said that they've spent all the money on extra stands but no parking or better traffic management when it's just not right. Stands cost nothing in the grand scheme of things. Roads and car parks however are something else.The traffic management around Silverstone is excellent in normal conditions but there's a lot to take into consideration should we have problems like this year.
You can't just concrete over a few fields for the sake of 3 days a year. You can't build the sort of road system capable of what we have to handle this year just in case it rains heavily or some other problem causes people to have to be turned away. You can't offer to put people up in hotels because the risk they're taking to camp didn't pay off.

The problems are down to 2 things. Media and People. Media crosses both - idiotic newspaper and website articles spouting Daily Mail levels of panic. Social Media transcends the gap between people and media, and when people turn into sheeple, Social Media is the platform to which they take their usually wrong opinion. Twitter and Facebook are both full of absolute idiots currently uttering rubbish like
"Silverstone should lose the GP for this"
"They should have seen this coming, it's Britain after all"
"Donnington would have done it better"
Not one of these people has actually THOUGHT about what they've said before saying it, and as a result each and every single one of them looks stupid.

So, considering the conditions, Silverstone are pulling out all the stops to make sure people are safe and the race goes ahead. With the right amount of planning, the majority of people will still be able to see it without a problem. But if you can't think, you can't plan.


  1. synaesthesia's Avatar
    Just to add to the above, I also believe Silverstone gets the largest crowd of any world circuit - that's something I've heard a few times but can't find anything decent to back that up.
  2. john's Avatar
    The crowds at Silverstone are amazingly huge and I do think you are right some of the biggest in the world for F1 as I recall Sky saying that today in the build up show.

    I have been twice and both times have been fairly lucky with the traffic, however the last 2 years have been either baking hot or damp and sunny. I park on the grass carparks usually and they are damp but as has bee said they are farmers fields I would expect it to be bad if it rained like it has there is just too many people who have no idea of reality or how life works.

    I think the Silverstone team and those in surrounding villages who have put peoples tents up in gardens and given drives for parking for those stuck etc... deserve a medal and true credit to them they are worth it .

    It has been a bad year for them, they won't deny that, they will be back next year with lessons learnt from this I am sure of that and I hope that me and other geeks are there next year, this year there was just thescalfedone there.
  3. glennda's Avatar
    I say having been and worked at this place it makes some places look very very small in comparison. Crowds are at around 130,000. Silverstone themseleves cannot be blamed for the Campsites AFAIK they are completely separate and if you turn up on other weekends in the year they have cows in. Major Investment has been made in the infrastructure around it (I've been around 20 times in the last 4 years) and a lot has changed. They are however also trying to push for more things like Music events to be held inside the track to raise funds towards more improvements.
  4. sonofsanta's Avatar
    People love a bandwagon.

    "They should have seen this coming, it's Britain after all" - indeed, we all predicted flash flooding in July, that happens every year, doesn't it?
    "Donnington would have done it better" - that being the Donnington that almost got given the GP but didn't at the last minute as its infrastructure wasn't up to scratch? Genius.

    And they wonder why the country is going to the dogs.

    (insert joke about going to the greyhounds after being unable to get into the GP)
  5. Heebeejeebee's Avatar
    Having just got back from Silverstone I cannot fault the track and the staff at all. They were sympathetic, helpful and generally top notch. The camping however could have been better organised if a wet weather plan had been devised. This could have prevented the following:

    Firstly the car park was about a mile from the campsite, only had one row that had any boards laid down for traction and was already churned up on Thursday. Most people had to do four or five trips per person from car to tent to get all their gear in - this didn't help the mud situation at all.

    Although I understand the reason for not letting cars park next to the tents it might have been easier and probably would have caused less foot traffic and therefore less mud churning to let them park at the top of the field they were parked in.

    More loo blocks (that don't leak into the mud ).

    Better paths (stones rather than sandy/dirt stuff).

    A decent exit strategy: I queued for about four hours to get out while cars were being pushed and pulled in all directions through the mud. It was so muddy tractors were getting stuck. All the while the camper vans were being let out first from a different field. If this was a planning thing then people should have been informed so. The piece of paper we were given just said the car park exits would be open.

    Having said that there was no ill temper from anyone and the car park staff were also great.

    Certainly the rain that had been constant before Thursday didn't help, nor the previous events held there in the past weeks. The fields simply could not recover in time. My tent virtually slid down the campsite on top of a river of mud. I was cold, wet and a bit fed up for most of the weekend but at least the sun came out for the duration of the race. Sadly I wasn't expecting it and got my head and nose burnt

    Freak events compounded by no respite. That's all.

  6. Heebeejeebee's Avatar
    ... Oh and I've been to Donnington and it was worse.

  7. glennda's Avatar
    @Heebeejeebee The Campsites run completely seperate are they not from the actual Silverstone circuit i.e you book a ticket to the race track but have to get camping from a third party? That was always my understanding of the situation silverstone all the times I have been there.
    Updated 9th July 2012 at 03:41 PM by glennda
  8. Heebeejeebee's Avatar
    I know - that's why I praised them separately.

    All staff were good.

  9. synaesthesia's Avatar
    Yeah it's all separate but Silverstone themselves try and co-ordinate all together. Glad to hear people actually there were in decent spirits all things considering! That's one thing us Brits are fantastic at
  10. john's Avatar
    I know Stuart @TheScarfedOne was also there but he did a park and ride this time, I didn't make it and neither did our fellow F1 criminal mind @timbo343


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