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Olympics 2012 -crazy waste of money.

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by , 27th July 2012 at 08:21 PM (3064 Views)
Boy, Oh, boy, am I fed up with the whole Olympics 2012 thing. When London was announced as the winning venue I thought it was a great idea. Now, however, I am totally fed up with it all and it's not actually started yet!

Twenty seven million quid on the opening ceremony today. Someone is taking the country for a ride and having a laugh. That money could have done so much good. Three million on the Olympic Rings dangling under Tower Bridge - another crazy waste of money.

Lloyds TSB by all acounts bunging £80 million on sponsorship which has brought us those stupid puppet adverts saying how the bank has made much of the Olympic torch relay possible.

The ticket allocation debacle where genuine sport supporters have not been able to get tickets yet sponsors seem to have them in abundance.

Our sorely stretched armed forces being dragged in to prop up G4S on security.

This is all so sad and quite frankly a disgrace.

Come to think of it that's the same bank which came in with a three point two billion pound loss. The one owned by us the taxpayers!



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