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ICT Tip #44 - Adding Work Email to a Smartphone

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by , 22nd May 2013 at 04:05 PM (2950 Views)
ICT Tip 044 - Work Email on Smartphones.doc

Y'all will have to do a bit of the work yourselves this week - I've stripped out all the settings specific to my domain and replaced with them [placeholders in squarebrackets]. Go through and fill out the details as appropriate to your network. We use Exchange here, so it may not be appropriate for your network, though I'd have thought most email services were capable of supporting smartphone email.

iPhone, Android and Windows Phone instructions are included; I have never seen a Blackberry 10 handset so there's nothing for them. If you do manage to scrape something together for BB, let me know for my own reference!

Not everyone in your place will want to follow this one, but some do, so it was worth sending out. YMMV.
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