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ICT Tip #41 - Using Tab to move between inputs

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by , 9th May 2013 at 12:27 PM (1417 Views)
I have been really lax with this, sorry. Missed last week and late this week. Can you tell that I've hit the traditional pre-Summer ramping up of work?

#40 gets skipped out as it was only relevant internally, so on to #41 - a simple one that you and I couldn't live without, yet remains a mystery to most: ICT Tip 041 - Using Tab to move between input fields.doc

Nevermore will you struggle to bite your tongue as a user types out their username, then reaches for the mouse, overshoots the password box, compensates, accidentally right-clicks, then clicks off somewhere else to close the menu, then finally clicks in the right place to type their password out! (in theory, anyway)

As ever: steal, adapt, share, don't sell, although if you work out a way to profit from these, let me know, yeah?



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