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ICT Tip #31 - Searching Windows 7 Folders by filename

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by , 5th February 2013 at 04:39 PM (7596 Views)
Yes, number 31. Number 30 was a tip specific to our school about using the new headed paper by going to My Templates in Word 2010, because group policy preferences lets you do really cool stuff these days.

Anyway, number 31 is a brief guide on searching folders in Windows 7 using the built in search. No, it's not perfect. No, it's not quick. But it does the job most of the time and it's right there. It'll meet the needs of most people most of the time and, in theory, save you all those support calls of "I wrote a file yesterday and now I can't find it [because I managed to drag it into a sub-folder by mistake]".

ICT Tip 031 - Searching by Filename.doc

As ever - steal it use it adapt it enjoy it, just don't sell it

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