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by , 20th January 2011 at 06:45 PM (1258 Views)
I just need more COAL !


  1. CAM's Avatar
    This is more addictive then WoW.
  2. soapyfish's Avatar
    wow is terrible unless you like the pointless grind ! but yeah minecraft is keyboard crack for sure
  3. shadowx's Avatar
    Who needs coal? Set up a tree farm and cook it in a furnace, infinite $$$$$ (i mean coal) you jelly?
  4. soapyfish's Avatar
    yeah I guess I discovered you could cook wood to coal the other day not very effcient though compared to coal its self !
  5. shadowx's Avatar
    Depends. If you use coal to cook the wood you get something like 6-8 pieces of charcoal per coal burned. Havent played in a few days though, addicted to the Rift BETA, even more addictive than WoW and MC!


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