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Server 2012 can really ruin your day

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by , 24th September 2013 at 12:10 PM (12134 Views)
When it announces that it's going to restart in 15 minutes to complete windows updates. at 10:15. And it's the server that hosts the virtual server with SIMS installed.

I had thought I had prevented disaster using this guide:

and then running gpupdate /force

However, this turned out to be a false hope, as a phone call from reception to tell me that SIMS wasn't accessible lead to a cold sweat and realisation that, yep, the server had decided to restart itself. After many promises of violence against the person at Microsoft who thought it was a really fantastic idea to take control of a server's restart time away from the administrator of the system, 20 minutes later all is back up and running.

For future reference, this would appear to be a better bet to prevent Microsoft from ruining your day:



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