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Codeacademy and Google Chrome Frame

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by , 14th November 2012 at 11:32 AM (7741 Views)
After reading last months PC Pro, I wanted to investigate and see if it would work with our teaching.

First issue with codeacademy is that it doesn't like IE and flatly refuses to play ball with it. One option is to install Chrome across the site, but I'd had issues getting Chrome to play ball with my network before, and wasn't too keen on trying again. So I choose option 2, install Google Frame. Installing it locally was easy, but a network install could prove a bit trickier. This is when I found an old gaming friend's website, with a handy guide to network installing Google Chrome Frame on a school network.

Very useful, and I'm about to test to see if it works!


  1. Miscbrah's Avatar
    Ooh smashing! How did this go??
  2. bondbill2k2's Avatar
    Distributed this using an .msi and GPO without any issues for use of, worked great!

    Offical guides can be found here
    Chrome Frame Administrator's Guide - The Chromium Projects
  3. simpsonj's Avatar
    Worked perfectly here on my virtual test machine, rolled out to desktops to face trial by students!


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