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Trying to set up Exchange withing SBS 2003

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by , 12th May 2008 at 11:54 PM (1816 Views)
Hi This is an email I sent to some people who I thought could help...they couldn't.

I seem to have an ongoing problem with the 2 domains above, both of which I own.

It would appear that I have set up The Scan and Store Centre as a ‘sub domain’ of The Scan and Store Centre ; that apparently was my fault and so I apologies to all those IT literate people who would never make such an error, and have told me that this error is the root cause of all of my ongoing problems, as it is now impossible to configure our Exchange Server to receive emails addressed to .

I still manage to receive emails addressed to ; which is a relief, but far from ideal; as Symtronics Limited, sadly went into liquidation in November 2007 and my new company Scan & Store Centre The Scan and Store Centre has been trading since December 2007 without direct email.

I now have company stationary with email addresses printed so; not being able to receive these emails, means that I currently have to scrawl my old email address on the back of every business card, invoice, letter and compliment-slip, which I send out. All of which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is less than professional and is something of a hindrance to a growing business, largely dependent on internet sales.

I’ve been a client of Web-Mania for some years now and was recommended to you initially by an ex-colleague, who mentioned that your set up allowed one to administer multiple domains with ease; which I’m sure is the case, provided one doesn’t click the wrong buttons during the initial set-up process; which it looks like I have done.

I have asked an I.T. company to help me set this up Welcome to ICT4U.NET - Supplying innovative, business need driven, proprietary and open source IT solutions for small to medium sized businesses , as every day it’s not working is costing me sales. So although I could have spent time learning the latest IT Speak and setting the whole thing up myself, I thought I’d enlist the services of professionals, as recommended by my wife!! I duly provided them with my web hosting & domain registration by Web Mania control panel log in details; as they are more likely to be able to ‘pick and mix’ from the hail of Incomprehensible Initialised Computer Speak; IICS.

They told me that the outcome of your ‘interaction’ was that you’d refused to help and that unless I transferred my business to another provider (preferably one they used), we’d reached an impasse. In other words, I could not move forwards or backwards, unless I changed away from Web-Mania.

Now, could I draw a line underneath all this and cut through this ridiculous and costly crap.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____

If I had to, I could work all this out and have email and an accessible, easily managed web site up and running within a few days.

I’d rather that I just ask for, get quoted for, pay for and it happens.

I know this will be construed as ‘simplistic’ or ‘naive’, but would it be possible for someone to do the following for me.

1. Allow me to retrieve emails sent to:





2. Have a web site that has the address The Scan and Store Centre which if someone types in The Scan and Store Centre will send them to the new site.

3. Stop people telling me that ‘it’s my fault’.

4. Tell me how much it would cost to make this happen.

5. Tell me how quickly this could be done.

6. DO IT.



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