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Five Jobs You Can Do At Christmas

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by , 15th December 2010 at 11:02 PM (4138 Views)
Holidays for IT support in education are usually full of server and system upgrades as the staff and students are not in and this enables us to take the system down. However at Christmas we get one or two days at the most. This is due to the bank holidays and IT support staff, heaven forbid, wanting to spend time with their families.

Take these few days to do the few little jobs that you have been meaning to get sorted. Below are some suggestions to help you on your way (of course I would not expect anyone to do all of them may just choose one depending on amount of time you have)..... Read More At

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  1. GREED's Avatar
    Like it Russell. I think the only issue would be no one has the required 14 days off at Christmas to full do all that is needed!
  2. russdev's Avatar
    Well i would never suggest you do all of the list you would choose one of the list
  3. GREED's Avatar
    Trouble is they are all good ones that need doing regually to be proactive rather than reactive in a school
  4. p858snake's Avatar
    Number 2 if your using Dells can be done remotely as well using their management suite iirc.
  5. russdev's Avatar
    I wasn't aware you could do that with Dell...



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