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Kiss of death to USB thumb drives

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by , 23rd January 2013 at 11:29 PM (2352 Views)
OK Maybe it is just my school but does anyone else have staff who can trash thumb drives at will?

I am now the proud owner of a number of returned sticks because they are no longer being recognised by our PC's or laptops. Have a Verbatim Store N Go drive sitting in my home machine (Win 7 64) now and it is just flashing away. Explorer etc. can see it and allocate a drive letter but you can't access it. Got an XP machine at school to eventually bring it up in Disk Manager and it said the drive was good etc.

Any one else run into this and anyone found a solution that works? Several references to this on google but no solutions that seem to work.

Don't want to reformat etc as the drives contain stuff that the teachers need!


  1. CadlaM's Avatar
    Yes, we have a few staff who seem good at it too. Not sure if it's their home PC on old OS, Win 7 or both
  2. roundakela's Avatar
    From what I have been able to find on the web. Win & seems to be causing issues with thumb drives and no one seems to a) know why it is happening or b) know how to recover the drives once you can no longer access them! I've tried several several of the 'fixes' suggested and none of them work. Even CHKDSK can't read the drive even the the PC allocates it a drive letter!

    Hey Ho!
  3. andyturpie's Avatar
    In this case - I just format and use something like recuva to retrieve the files.
  4. CadlaM's Avatar
    Andy - not been able to format most failed thumb drives :-(

    Quote Originally Posted by andyturpie
    In this case - I just format and use something like recuva to retrieve the files.
  5. andyturpie's Avatar
    Ahh, I was thinking of when the drive had lost its partition info, not physically failed. I have also seen when this happens, that windows (especially W7) fails to assign a drive letter too. Maybe I have been a tad luckier than most in that respect!


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