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Edugeek Addiction!

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by , 22nd June 2011 at 03:11 PM (1067 Views)
Well it seems that I am now addicted well and truly to this website! I have always been a fan of collaborative websites with like minded people. Especially in the realms of IT there is just too much for any one person to know. I'm sure that most IT Proffesionals are with me when I say that the "One Man Army" effect which most "Pre Secondary School" IT Administrators exist in proves to be a real challenge.

While I regard myself as a specialist in Windows Server / Client technology and would feel comfortable doing more or less anything with these packages, there is just far too much to "become an expert" on. When faced with day to day problems you are always tested upon your ability to adapt, learn and problem solve and in some cases, break your face off on your desk as you try to fix something you keep saying "the inferstructure administrator would do this ****, i'm the server dude!!!".

I have seen in the past week or so I have been a member many IT Persons get valuable help from this site, more or less in real time and for myself picked up a few tricks and tips that otherwise I would never have come across in a million years. If we are honest, most IT pros are utter show offs, i can't obstain from this statement myself, because when you hit that most optimal method of doing something you want for nothing more to have other people not only know about it, but choose to do it that way also.

I am very much a fan of this site and plan to contribute where ever possible. Too that end I have decided to start writing in the blog section here on the more "Complicated Microsoft Techology" kinda stuff in the hope that it will be useful to the masses as well as the purely selfish reason of gaining respect of my peers!



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