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  1. Marching away

    by , 18th March 2008 at 11:34 AM
    I hate march... you can't order stuff because it's the end of the financial year and the dropin printer has ran out of toner...

    (a bit of 'lack of forward planning' on my part there)

    I'm usually prepared for this... but not this year!

    Think I threw away about 500 pages of not wanted printouts yesterday... stupid childrens.

    Anyways.. thought I'd start my blog... and be the number 2!!

    Happy days!

    Oh and today ...
  2. We have bloggage

    by , 18th March 2008 at 11:05 AM
    I've missed our old site blogs in a never-posted-more-than-5-times-in-2-years kind of way.
    Anyway, here is the new blog system they, and in my best royalty voice:

    'I now declare the blogs open. God bless them and all who vent their spleens through them'

    That should do it.
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