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  1. Back To School

    by , 29th August 2008 at 08:55 AM
    Unfortunatly I go back to school next week, do I want to go back? NO! Sure if I never went back I wouldn't see my friends but I haven't actually missed any of this holiday.
  2. Rain rain rain rain rain....

    by , 18th August 2008 at 02:40 PM
    Sigh. When will it stop?

    I know being near the coast in Welsh Wales doesn't help, but all it does is rain! I think we've had about 4 good weekends this year.

    Note for next year: if it's a good Easter, blow all my leave then - 'cos summer's likely to be cack.
  3. The Diary of a Boring Git

    by , 15th August 2008 at 07:28 AM
    I do have a blog out in the wild, but thought I'd post here.

    Just a quick intro.

    I don't currently work in IT, but hopefully that's going to change.

    Just completed a 3 month assignment as an Office Admin.

    Many moons ago I did do part time IT support, however not on a formal help desk, so not really had any exposure to Active Directory and bashing users over the head with a keyboard because they've forgotten their passwords. Only joking, ...
  4. Richard Dawkins: Darwinism C4

    by , 11th August 2008 at 11:11 PM
    The pedigree is stunning, but Dawkins exhibits an intelligence below average in his reasoning.

    When face to face with the leader of the church he has just spent 5 minutes describing as blocking the display of 3 million year old bones, the leader clearly states that his only problem with the exhibition is it's portrayal of the artifact in a biased way towards evolution theory. Even with the benefit of editorial after sight it seems Dawkins isn't very wise.

    In conclusion ...

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  5. Mikes First Day

    by , 7th August 2008 at 12:07 PM
    So, as some of you may or may not know, I recently gave up the glamourous world of educational IT to go and work for a real company, with real computers for real money and everything.

    Shaun (ZeroHour to you) suggested itíd be a cool idea for me to blog about my experiences, and being the slacker I am, Iíve only just got round to it.

    So, here it is, Mikeís glorious adventures in business, and joining the rest of the happy smiley commuters on the short trip up to London. ...
  6. First Post

    by , 22nd July 2008 at 03:09 PM
    Ok I have never posted on a blog befor and i thought I might try first on here so here goes.
    Got up about 7:30 this morning the usuall rotune (the norm for me is not the norm for most people) It take me about 30 mins to get up as I suffer with pins and needles and a great deal of pain. Once I have managed to get moving (about 30 mins) then comes the standered stuff of wash shave etc ect and dressing. schools shut today but have to go in to do some pat testing. dont feel like it as i am in ...
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  7. It's 5:55am

    by , 22nd July 2008 at 05:57 AM
    It's Tuesday and it's 5:55am, I got up at 4:50 am like I normally do and now am spending my time surfing Edugeek and learning all I can from the best of the best

    I seriously can't wait for tommorow as it's a half day and I then have 6 weeks off, have fun all you guys who have to work but I suppose the school will be empty so you could get up to some fun
  8. 48 Hous of non-support

    by , 11th July 2008 at 12:14 AM
    Its past midnight, and the EduGeek pixies have been beavering away to get us back up and running. I shall post more about exactly what went on later, but in the mean time I would like to thank all of you guys and gals for being patient, using the shoutbox, and for the ones who sent a mail to Fasthosts we've got something special lined up for you.
    Thanks to Shaun (ZeroHour) for working his bits off contacting Fasthosts and generally being the best webmaster we could ever wish for.
    Thanks ...

    by , 28th June 2008 at 05:31 AM
    I have joined up on and I have to say that I am now hooked! So, far I have created five lenses, some of which are:

    - How To Choose A Web Host
    - Computer Jargon Buster
    - Nerdcore
  10. Stuff this week

    by , 17th June 2008 at 04:39 PM
    Right - rain tomorrow (so they say) so I might have to drive to work instead of cycle. Look out of the window tomorrow then decide.

    Thursday - car going for MOT. Hope if passes, it seems OK but it is 11 years old.

    Friday - friend's birthday so taking the camper van up to Glyncorrwg mountain bike centre for a weekend of drink, chats and mountain biking.:drunken_smilie:

    Saturday - as above.