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  1. SCCM 2007 - RIS and GPSI on steroids!

    by , 31st January 2009 at 12:15 AM
    Finally got my hands on this new toy! After starting off with USB Network boot pens, some fancy scripts and an XPCD share complete with a shed load of unattend files - moved onto RIS two years back. Its been working really well, but its about time we lost the one remaining Server 2003 box.

    Time to look at alternative ways of getting XP out there, as we arent quite ready for Vista (in fact we will probably skip it in favour of 7).

    So - went on the hunt for setting up ...
  2. New EduGeek stuff

    by , 30th January 2009 at 11:28 PM
    As no one really reads my blog I reckon I can safely drop some hints on forthcoming 'things'.
    We have several apps currently in development which should prove priceless to those doing the standard jobs during the summer, and may save our members at least a day of work. The other is a tie-in with a very successful company (actually, 2 companies!) who will enable us to offer a useful service to our members without stepping on the toes of our sponsors.
    Anyway, vauge hints they are, but ...
  3. Freeview DVB-T in New Zealand

    by , 10th January 2009 at 09:41 AM (Ramblings from the Restaurant at the Ragged Edge of Reason)
    New Zealand has finally (early 2008) released digital terrestrial broadcasting for most of the free-to-air channels.

    Strangely given the usual technology lag the providers chose to implement this new service in the H.264/AAC format rather than the more established MPEG2 format used by almost all other countries. This has both its advantages and disadvantages, the decreased bandwidth ...
  4. Convergence

    by , 22nd December 2008 at 10:47 AM
    Today I find myself wanting to blog again, and once again it'd the good ol' PS3 that's caught my attention. I have finally achieved the coveted prize of 'convergence'. Though it's by no means perfect the future is here.

    For the past however meny years I've been paying the local cable company an extortionate amount of money for their 'V+' box. Digital TV, Video Recorder and OnDemand service all in one. The problems being their high price and small quick to fill hard drive. Also, ...
  5. iTunes Music Quiz

    by , 28th November 2008 at 11:29 PM
    Okay, so my sister has asked me to organise a music quiz as a party game this crimbo based on the contents of my infamous iTunes library.

    I thought I'd search the net to see if there's a piece of software to help me do this.

    Haven't (yet) found what I'm looking for but did find this quiz which I thought would make a good blog entry. Feel free to try the quiz yourself and post your results as a comment

    How Meny Songs in Total?
  6. The problem with the Playstation 4

    by , 8th November 2008 at 05:46 PM
    So, I'm an avid music fan (understatement) and I own a PS3. Putting these two facts together mean I naturally like a certain type of game - Singstar and Rock Band. I'm counting the days till the release of Guitar Hero World Tour.

    My PS3 has a 40Gb hard disk that must be getting quite full now with all the songs have been downloading for the aforementioned games. So next spring I plan to get a 500Gb hard drive and a PlayTV tuner.

    The PS3 will become my complete ...
  7. hey

    by , 4th November 2008 at 04:45 PM
    alrite im new to this just finished uni now studying BSc computing and electronics,
  8. Thrill the World 2008

    by , 26th October 2008 at 04:25 PM (Wandering lonely as a clown...)
    Last night, 111 people (mostly kids, a couple of members of staff) took part in the 2008 'Thrill the World' record attempt for the largest number of simultaneous people dancing the 'Thriller' dance.

    Overall, there were more then 3,700 people dancing around the world, in the USA, Canada, Germany, Ireland and many more.

    If anyone is interested in seeing our school do the dance, take a look at the youtube video:

    [ame=""]YouTube ...

    Updated 28th October 2008 at 07:13 PM by localzuk

  9. VOIP

    by , 19th October 2008 at 02:40 PM (Wandering lonely as a clown...)
    I've been thinking lately about school phone usage and wondering why we aren't moving to VOIP in schools.

    For example, at the moment, if we wish to call our LEA or a local school, we have to dial out via a PSTN line and pay a call charge. Whilst at the same time we have a perfectly usable high quality fibre-optic internet connection. Surely introducing a VOIP phone system across schools would be fairly simple - I could outfit all our local schools with suitable Asterisk based systems ...
  10. One thing and another and another and another......

    by , 19th October 2008 at 12:48 PM
    They say thing come in 3s but at the moment its not stopping. After a hard week of updating joomla package and testing it I recived some emails asking me to pay to install the package that sysman created and I updated and wanted £500 to do it. As well as that got a couple of other emails telling me that I can use there package for comurtial gain and I needed to remove them I know feel like crap. Ok so thats that sorted next to relax at home with laptop (brand new) and oh dear what a bugger the harddrive ...
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