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  1. Making a Bootable USB Stick

    by , 30th August 2009 at 11:51 PM
    So it seems to be coming more of a common thing now people using USB sticks to install Operating Systems, one thing people seem to have a problem is.. is making the USB Bootable.

    Well say no more, it takes about 5 minutes and all you need is command prompt no need for 3rd party software.

    ~*This only works with Windows Vista/7*~

    1) Open Command Prompt

    2) cd \ {ENTER}

    3) diskpart {ENTER}

    4) list disk {ENTER} ...
  2. Long blog - and heres the reason why!

    by , 12th August 2009 at 11:29 AM
    OK - so I took over the blog a bit recently, what with my Sharepoint ramblings followed by my "Live from..." series.

    Right... so whats been keeping me away from the blogging (no boos and hisses in the background thank you!!):

    1. Replacing a load of switches:
    Our core switches were all upgraded to Netgear GSM7212 - to provision our fibre. Next level out from this, we have just finished putting in GSM 7248/24 dependant on capacity. Why these? Well ...
  3. RIS on a Server 2008 Domain - GOTCHAs!!!

    by , 22nd July 2009 at 11:16 AM
    Ok... picture the scene...

    You have a nice existing RIS setup - which deals with all your machines quite nicely. If course - it has to run on Server 03. You then go and update your DCs to Server 2008.

    Problem - you notice that some of your image builds stop joining the domain. Cue pulling your hair out time! Have you changed anything in the images etc....

    No... the problem as I eventually found out is you Server 2008 DCs. So long as they are the only ...
  4. Live from Learning Gateway Conference: Session 7

    by , 15th July 2009 at 05:28 PM
    Sharepoint 2010

    Videos are available at

    Cross browser support
    No page refreshes
    Custom ribbon appears as in Office 2007 apps
    No page refreshes on updates of pages (eg moving to edit a page)
    Multiple checkin and check out
    In line popups for information editing (eg changing/rename files/folders)

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  5. Live at Learning Gateway Conference: Session 6

    by , 15th July 2009 at 05:24 PM
    Q and A Session with the Panel

    1. Any lessons learnt of the lifecycle of developing with Sharepoint

    - Get the taxonomy right, the layout of your site etc... (Twynham School Guys)

    2. Can you move an exisiting Site Collection to be part of a new collection

    - Shouldnt be a problem. If was a subsite, more complicated, but still possible.

    3. Developing Webparts...any guide, or lots of publisher write them. If they dont meet your ...

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  6. Live from Learning Gateway Conference - Session 5

    by , 15th July 2009 at 04:49 PM
    Sharepoint Outside the Box
    Twynham School

    Main website and background
    Went through all the revisions of Sharepoint Team Services >> MOSS.

    Simple to upload content and make changes, for any user with access. Uploading content to document library, or making an announcement. Passing control back to the users.

    Data/MIS Web parts

    Demonstration for the MIS Webparts developed at Twynham. More information ...
  7. Live from Learning Gateway Conference - Session 4

    by , 15th July 2009 at 03:36 PM
    Branding your Portal

    Penny Coventry (MVP)

    What is branding
    Branding Basics
    Branding options in the browser
    Using SPD
    Next steps

    What is branding
    More than just a header, its about site and content design. Was difficult in V1 and V2, WSS3 and MOSS2007 isnt so bad now. Still a challenge.

    Its more than just colouring! Navigation, etc. Know what you ...
  8. Live from Learning Gateway Conference - Session 3

    by , 15th July 2009 at 02:13 PM
    Sites and Templates

    Use the top level site as a "front page" for rolling up information held elsewhere dependant on the user. Use the Audience capability in Sharepoint for information targeting (eg News).

    Other sub-areas:

    Think about how you catagorize things.... for navigation and site layout. Generally, it is not a good idea to have lots of subsites under one site. Branch it out.

    Egs.... ...
  9. Live from the Learning Gateway Conference - Session 2

    by , 15th July 2009 at 12:34 PM
    Unified Communications for the Learning Gateway

    Office Communications Server... links to AD, providing presence information for the user.

    Initiate chat/call session with user if available. Can be used for helpdesk....?

    Linked with Sharepoint, can use functionality of Live Meeting to share the document or screen.

    Unified Communications Technology

    Microsoft UC Stack

    -Exchange 2007 / Office Communications Server ...

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  10. Live from Learning Gateway Conference - Session 1

    by , 15th July 2009 at 11:13 AM
    Best Practice for Sharepoint Configuration

    Steve Smith (MVP):
    Owner Combined Knowledge
    Twitter stevesmithck
    UK Sharepoint User Group

    Link/Upload of slide deck to follow...

    Sharepoint Terminolgy
    Dont we just put the CD in the server
    Its not just about Sharepoint
    SQL Config Demo
    Best Practice Summary

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