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  1. Bored kids III

    , 19th February 2011 at 11:12 PM (100 Grades Per Minute)
    Following on from the previous posts in this series, I am continuing to find weird things in the school library. The kids appear to be slowly building a menagerie of animals created from bits and bobs found round the school during after hours study, though I'm not sure what they made this out of.

    Do you Moodle?-dsc00246.jpg

    And what is with the words kraken along the top?

    Me and my library co-worker think it may be a cake decoration but we didn't want ...
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  2. Sharepoint Document Library - RANT - Part 2

    by , 18th February 2011 at 12:37 PM
    Because when you want to have a real rant - one post isnt enough (or you go on too much!), here is part 2 of my (Bil's) rant about Sharepoint Document Libraries...

    Lather, Rinse, Repeat

    If you do live in the world where you are interested in versioning is important then go over the draft/publish model with your users. Draft versions have two attributes. First they’re minor versions (0.1, 12.3, 8,348,23.58,328). They’re incremented each time you check a draft
  3. Sharepoint Document Library - RANT! - Part 1

    by , 18th February 2011 at 12:35 PM
    Firstly - a little disclaimer. I am not the original author of this post, but I agree with the sentiment of it. Its all to easy to think that the Document Libraries are File Shares and treat them as such - particularly if you let your users use the Explorer View (grrrr!) Anyway - the honour of the original poster is the Sharepoint Legend that is Bil Simser. Google is your friend....

    I thought I would capture a few ideas around document libraries and share with the rest of
  4. Customising SharePoint Usage Stats - Part Two Code

    by , 18th February 2011 at 09:56 AM
    SPFarm farm = this.Farm;
    int intTime;
    foreach (SPService service in farm.Services)
    if (service isSPWebService) {
    SPWebService webService = (SPWebService)service; foreach (SPWebApplication webApplication in webService.WebApplications) {
    foreach (SPSite site in webApplication.Sites) {
    OrganizationProfileManager organizationManager = newOrganizationProfileManager(SPServiceContext.GetContext(site));
  5. Customising SharePoint Usage Stats - Part Two

    by , 17th February 2011 at 09:24 AM
    Due to some, ahem, technical difficulties with getting the custom usage provider to actually trigger (registering wasn't a problem, and it did intercept the event, just never actually triggered it's own handler so I essentially spent several days in order to write a solution which comprehensively breaks usage logging) I've been re-evaluating my approach to this.

    New method will still involve logging organisation IDs along with users (any direct memberships get logged with the user, ...

    Updated 18th February 2011 at 09:46 AM by jamesb

  6. Customising SharePoint Usage Stats - Part One

    by , 14th February 2011 at 09:42 AM
    One of the first tasks I've been faced with in my new job is to get some sort of SharePoint usage reporting working. At first I thought this would be nice and easy, after all, SharePoint comes with a nice set of usage reporting which could simply be plugged in to some custom reporting modules - easy, yes?

    No. The problem comes in that they want reporting for groups of users. These groups are currently ill-defined, conceptual groupings, so part of the first challenge is to deal with ...

    Updated 16th February 2011 at 08:58 AM by jamesb

  7. Windows 7 Bitlocker Pins

    by , 10th February 2011 at 07:10 PM
    So, time to rack up my blog writing a bit more! As you may have read, we have deployed (well still deploying) Windows 7 with Bitlocker as the encryption for all our Staff Laptops. We are using Toshiba Tecra A10s by the way.

    While we were testing, we came across some things that were a real pain. The first being that unless you are a local admin, you cannot change the Bitlocker pin. Problem - big problem. Under XP, we did used to have Staff as local admins - but used GPs and Software ...
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  8. SCCM, Windows 7 and Bitlocker - Part 3

    by , 8th February 2011 at 12:36 PM
    Hello again everyone! Here is ther final part of my wee guide on getting SCCM, Windows 7 and Bitlocker all done together...! Sorry its taken a bit longer to get this updated, been busy on another project which I will blog about next

    6. Well - Part 5 from the last post really - explaining the "fancy stuff" that happens after the build and main software drop...

    The main thing going on here is the auto log in. This is needed to run a load of a load of first ...
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  9. CMD - What Is Wrong?

    , 7th February 2011 at 08:03 PM (100 Grades Per Minute)
    A little game for you. Exceptionally geeky folks may get this immediately (or even know already what this post will be about). What is wrong with this picture?

    How much do you earn and in what post?-cmd_dir_example.png

    I'll let you look at that for a minute. See anything?

    OK? Done.

    Note the command itself:
    dir "windows/logs"
    I had no idea until today that, if you include the full path in double quotes, Windows will happily accept ...
  10. OK I Have To Admit Some Mistakes

    , 3rd February 2011 at 11:38 PM (100 Grades Per Minute)
    And I made a biggy!

    This year we decided to set up SIMS Learning Gateway to comply with the 2010 Online Reporting requirements. These required us to provide a means of serving school reports to parents online for which Learning Gateway does perfectly. But as we roll into the close of the written reports cycle, there are lessons to learn.

    First off I overestimated how much Assessment Manager can cope with. Figuring staff were used to it for single grades, it is terrible ...