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  1. Shutting down machines with Group Policy Preferences

    by , 29th September 2011 at 09:21 AM
    Ok, so - some of you have tried to put this in place and have not had much luck with it. I use this one a lot, as it saves additional software - and it is just nice to have everything all in one place.

    How to do it properly then...

    1 Create a NEW GPO... yes I said new. Don't go adding this to exisitng ones as when you want to change the time for different machines - you will be stuffed (well you could use item level targetting -but thats a bit out of the reach of this ...
  2. Games Britannia - School's Videogame Festival 2012

    by , 26th September 2011 at 02:22 PM
    Related to the EuroGamer Expo blog, we are running an education related Video Games event at Magna in Sheffield next year called "Games Britannia" celebrating the UKs massive involvement in Video Games Industry. The event has been organised in response to the Nesta report and is part of Rotherham Schools Children's festival. It focuses on raising awareness of Gaming and the career opportunities available within the industry as well as offering teaching staff the tools to use game related ...
  3. Eurogamer Expo: A Glimpse of Tomorrow?

    , 26th September 2011 at 01:18 PM (100 Grades Per Minute)
    My Saturday was spent attending the Eurogamer Expo at Earl's Court, London. This trade show was a chance for members of the public and video games industry to show off their future releases and next-gen technology. And it is brimming with technology.

    One of the most popular stands was the OnLive service. Recently launched in the UK, the service jumps aboard the cloud bandwagon and tries to offer gamers the chance to stream titles online using a PC or a micro-console. This small box ...

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  4. Converting Differential Images to video format

    by , 2nd September 2011 at 04:08 PM
    I have been using mencoder to create video from images and it works well

    does anybody have any experiance converting images to video where there is a first full image file followed by differential images ?

    I would apreciate any help, thanks
  5. Fronter Help Desk

    by , 29th August 2011 at 08:44 AM
    Very soon my country will be using Fronter's VLE. Fronter VLE is asking me as a new client to put up a help desk for all stakeholders (administrators, teachers, parents and students). Does anyone have any experiences to share? What should be included? What is required and what are the implications of setting up a help desk? What are the type of most common questions and who can best answer them (technicians, teachers...?)
  6. Computer Tower Question!

    by , 28th August 2011 at 04:50 PM
    I am helping out a friend who has a -- Alienware area51 tower. It had Windows XP on it And I am trying to put Windows7 on it but for some reason this unit does not want to be friendly to me on this. This is my most diffecult unit I have ever worked on.
    Here is what I am working with does anyone have any ideas so I can get this person up and running.

    alienware area51 big tower
    4 gigs of ram
    intel D975xBx motherboard rev 304
    core 2 duo 1.86ghz e6300 ...
  7. It's all getting terribly complicated!

    by , 16th August 2011 at 08:34 AM
    One of my Summer tasks has been to get SIMS migrated from our ageing server onto a new Server. I've gone down the route of hosting it on a virtual machine based on a XenServer Host. First impressions are all good so far.

    In all the planning of this and arranging for Capita to do the migration, you suddenly realise how many other systems feed off your SIMS database and these too need either migration or re-configuring. These include simple things like the Frog SIMS Extractor right ...
  8. Some things from the field for SCCM saving my bacon on a massive system deployment...

    by , 11th August 2011 at 10:29 PM
    So, as you will have gathered from my recent blog posts... there is some serious systems change happening at my place!

    Quite simply put - without SCCM and Windows Thin PC, there is no way I could have got it done.

    THat being said... there were a few times I was pulling may hair out with it! So, this post is a heads up on what might go wrong... and in no particular order...

    1. Error 8004005 - Cannot retrieve policy for this computer and a reboot before ...

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  9. How do you plan at your school?

    by , 8th August 2011 at 01:28 PM (Grumbledook's stuff!)
    Lifecycle Management

    Developing a process

    Whether you are using ITIL, FITS or other ideology / tools to help you develop a support service, you will find that you will borrow, adapt, use, tweak, refine and make wholesale use of a plethora of pre-existing examples of procedures. It is a simple fact of life that sharing and comparing procedures is more efficient than re-inventing the wheel in isolation.

    However, you will find that there will be occasions ...
  10. SCCM, SQL and Forefront Endpoint on HyperV - with a touch of Clustering

    by , 3rd August 2011 at 03:21 PM
    Couldnt quite work out what to call this blog post - as it ties so many different areas in together.

    As Ive written about before - Ive been busy doing a mass upgrade and virtualisation project at my new place. First step was getting the HyperV hosts all set up. That was a breeze, as was the SAN - all bar a bit of waiting whilst it all initialised.

    Once that was done, it was time to get the roles onto each of the nice new HyperV Clients. An SQL cluster, a pair of SCCM ...