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My travels

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by , 10th April 2009 at 04:58 AM (1943 Views)
Well im away in australia, thought id find somewhere to write about stuff. Not for anyone to read really just so I can put stuff. Never used this before so here goes...


  1. FN-GM's Avatar
    Where about are you? I went late last year to Brisabane then around Queensland and New South Wales. Are you there on Holiday if not post here -
  2. cookie_monster's Avatar
    Are you living in Oz or traveling?
  3. RabbieBurns's Avatar
    Here on just a 1 year working holiday visa, going to extend it another year, and hopefully in the meantime find a company that will sponsor me to enable me to stay here permanently.

    I spent a year here between school and Uni, so have travelled pretty much all over already.. Just Perth and Darwin I need to get to.

    Wouldnt mind getting accross to New Zealand at some point too.
  4. cookie_monster's Avatar
    Ahh lucky you I didn't manage to get out to Darwin, I really wanted to go but ended up stuck in a Cyclone on Carins instead.
    I had an excellent time in New Zealand expecialy the south island, if you go you've got to get down to Queenstown and Milford. Soooo jealous


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