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Attainment vs National Average

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by , 19th November 2013 at 10:00 AM (428 Views)
As an ex-teacher I remember having access to key information at the right time was always challenging. If I've entered the current assessment levels why can't I easily see it without having to navigate through the system?

Well here's a widget that just might help with that.

The Attainment vs National Average widget allows a user to select an assessment point (e.g. Year 4 / Autumn 1 / NC Level) and compares it to a specified level (e.g. National Average). The widget will produce a summary of the subjects with data recorded and identify the number of students that are below, at or above the set value. Furthermore, each subject can be expanded to show the individual students and their point difference.

The image below shows part of a dashboard that contains 2 of these widgets showing Autumn 1 and 2 entry points. This provides a quick view to see what levels of improvement has been made over the term.

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