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Some Text Editors I Have Known

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by , 24th February 2012 at 02:01 PM (2070 Views)
This blog has been sorely neglected since I got caught up with our school's switch between MIS providers. So, in an effort to rescue it from the hordes of one-post blogs on the web, here, for no good reason at all, are some of the text editors I have known:


Yes, we all have to start somewhere…


Has a better time with Linux/Unix new line breaks than Notepad, but it's a rich text editor >_<


Just about the simplest text editor I have ever used. I used it more than Less and never really used More


ConTEXT Home Page

The editor I generally use on Windows. Has a command line so you can execute script from inside the editor. Several built-in syntax highlighters, though you can roll your own.


Leo's Home Page

Although I came to this editor through a passing interest in literate programming, I actually ended up using this for web site and chm file creation. I was using PPWizard (PPWizard Home Page) as my preprocessor and was frustrated by the fact that the processing instructions would need to be edited across a number of files. That seemed to be no better than if I was editing the html directly. But Leo solved that for me by enabling me to clone parts of text files. Now I only needed to edit one item to change the whole web site. Plus you could arrange the structure of your site in Leo independently of the physical file locations of your files.

It is a customisable editor, so if you know a little Python you can add your own functionality.


GNU Emacs - GNU Project Home Page

I took a peek at Vi. Looked, but did not stay for the whole show. The reason? Emacs had gotten there first. Not really a text editor, but a way of life. You could probably take over the whole world without ever leaving Emacs

/rocking chair
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  1. sparkeh's Avatar
    Ahhh Emacs, the king of text editors, is there nothing it can't do?
  2. skunk's Avatar
    Vi, its the only way..................
  3. TheScarfedOne's Avatar
    +1 for Notepad++ here, awesome for code writing I find too


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