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Problems In Connecting a KONICA MINOLTA 7222 Photocopier To A Network

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by , 1st June 2010 at 07:44 AM (9620 Views)
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hello every one
I want to connect my KONICA MINOLTA 7555 photocopier on a network. The situation is, i have four PC's that are networked through a 8 port switch. I connected my photocopier to one port of switch and i enabled DHCP on a photocopier. the switch automatically assign a IP address to a photocopier, the printout of photocopier TCP/ IP setting is

TCP/IP Setup == ON
Subnet mask ==
Enabled DHCP == ON
Other DNS Server ==
IP Address ==
Default Gateway ==
Preferred DNS Server ==
RAW Port Number == 9100

I downloaded PCL_6 printer drivers for 7222 Photocopier on one PC of the network then i add photocopier as a printer through "ADD PRINTER WIZARD" I selected a new "STANDARD TCP/IP PORT" in the wizard.
Place IP address of the photocopier ( and Port name (IP_192.168.1.37) then i selected "GENERIC NETWORK CARD" as device type then next then finish then i install PCL_6 printer drivers then next and then shared this printer on a network then a test page option said, "Do you want to print a test page?" i selected yes.
But i was very frustrated when saw "TEST PAGE FAILED TO PRINT"

one more point i also pinging the photocopier from one PC of that network, the pinging is successful but "TEST PAGE FAILED TO PRINT" can't imagine it.

Can any one help me in solving this problem??? Any help will be very appriciated.


  1. timbo343's Avatar
    We have a few Konica Printers on our network, and work without any problems. Just one question, are you using a VLAN? your DNS entries are different to the IP Address. The only difference we have done is given ours a Static IP address and used the PS driver instead of the PCL_6 driver as the PS driver handles PDFs better.

    If you are having major issues, contact Konica, they will be happy to help.
  2. pak_guy's Avatar
    thanks for reply
    no i am not using VLAN (Virtual LAN)
    One thing is, i haven't given a static IP address to the photocopier can it be a problem if yes then tell me how can i give static IP to the photocopier?? As i said i have enabled DHCP option in photocopier so it receives IP address automatically.

    one more thing the PC on a network from which i m pinging the photocopier have an XP OS.
    The pinging is successful but can't print.
  3. Maz's Avatar
    I'd try first removing the Switch out of the situation, install it on one machine, print a test page, share it, connect from another computer, test it again.

    Failing that, try Konica's Universal Driver available from their website.
  4. timbo343's Avatar

    Ive got the network Configuration Manual if you want it. It should tell you how to change the ip from DHCP to IP.

    Let me know if you want me to send it you.

  5. RobFuller's Avatar
    We have some KONICA MINOLTA copiers which have a network port but only for management when you go to print it just fails. The leasing company had to replace the boards to enable the printing 'feature' ... took me by surprise!
  6. ricki's Avatar
    Printer should have static ips with either fixed ip of reservations in dhcp. Has someone restarted it and its got a different ip or just turned it off.



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