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by , 17th June 2008 at 08:38 AM (1574 Views)
Oh joy exams all this week, luckily I do BTEC ICT so we have no Exam for that which is excellent as I would proably get annoyed by answering questions such as "Name an email application" and "What do you use Microsoft Word for?"

At least I have study leave

So, everyone have fun at work and wish me luck!


  1. ZeroHour's Avatar
    Good luck
  2. Domino's Avatar
    fun? at work?

    I'll have you know this a serious business, and we're all consumate professionals.


    Good luck!
  3. My220x's Avatar
    Thanks. Only had English and Electronics today. English was fine but my Electronics teacher is going to kill me when he marks the test and finds out how many questions I have answered.


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