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IT Teachers

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by , 21st March 2008 at 11:53 AM (1441 Views)
Year 7, 8 and 9 I was taught by IT Teachers who only knew about MS Office applications, well they knew as much as the book they was reading from told them. I was disgusted that someone could call themselves an IT Teacher but when asked "How do I fix this problem?" they knew nothing, absolutely nothing, they not even know how to install RAM.

I moved into Year 10 and decided to do BTEC ICT, I thought that I would be taught by teachers who knew about hardware and have looked inside a PC. For a couple of months the teachers made out they knew all about computers including the hardware and how to install it but one day my teacher told us that to make a vector image you make it in paint and save it as a jpeg as all vectors are saved as jpegs! GOD HE WAS SO WRONG!

My other teacher told us Linux was made by hackers who didn't want to follow Microsofts laws! HOW I LAUGHED!

One day I had to show my class how to install RAM, of course I rehearsed it all before with my teacher and she was so amazed by the inside of the computer and asked my all these questions about RAM and installing it as she had never done it!


Come on you techs, please go into teaching!!!


  1. Ryan's Avatar
    Careful though, just because someone knows the ins and outs of the registry and knows how many volts run through his or her 12v rail doesn't make them a good teacher. You need patience, organisational skills, planning, and of course the ability to impart knowledge and skills on others in a way that they can follow and absorb.

    Geek != teacher

    (I used to teach)
  2. kmount's Avatar
    My other teacher told us Linux was made by hackers who didn't want to follow Microsofts laws! HOW I LAUGHED!
    Wonderful, I've heard some good stuff before but this is classic.
  3. localzuk's Avatar
    The problem with ICT and computing is that they are subject areas which require knowledge of the subject in order to teach it. You can't simply read a book and then spit it out again, as the outcome of things is so variable. This is the same with science beyond KS2.
  4. Joanne's Avatar
    ICT teachers don't have to know how the computers work. They only have to know how to use them.

    Also, you can teach ICT with a business degree... so that explains a lot of it.

    I had a rant about this once and got a mild warning....
  5. kiran's Avatar
    Many ICT teachers are not qualified in ICT, indeed I know some teachers who a degree is something totally unrelated and teach ICT up to KS4 very successfully.

    I believe that you have to a 'outstanding' classroom practitioner if you are too succeed; and if your interested at what makes an outstanding lesson.... from Ofsted!

    • In addition to the features of good teaching (below) difficult ideas or skills are taught in an inspiring and very effective way.
    • All pupils are engrossed in their work and make much better progress than could be expected. Achievement is very high.
    • Teaching is consistently challenging and interesting, stemming from excellent subject knowledge.
    • Assessment information is used directly in planning. Feedback on work (oral and written) is well-focused, diagnostic and helps pupils to see how to improve.
    • Pupils are helped to judge the success of their work and to set targets for improvement, almost all pupils have clear understanding of where to focus their efforts to improve. Assessment and teaching enables pupils to play a very strong part in making and recognising improvement in their work.

    • Most pupils progress and achieve well and are very interested in the lesson.
    • All adults relate well to pupils and expect them to work hard, challenge is realistic and pupils are productive.
    • TAs make a significant contribution.
    • Staff understand what next steps pupils need and help them understand these. Marking helps pupils improve their work.
    • Pupils are regularly involved in helping to assess their own work throughout the lesson, most pupils are aware of where and how to improve their work.
    • Assessment information is used to set specific, well-matched and challenging targets for all pupils that pupils know, understand and use.
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  6. Joanne's Avatar
    Come on you techs, please go into teaching!!!
    We know better....
  7. georgebush's Avatar
    This is why ICT Support shouldnt have anything to do with ICT as a subject as it does in some schools.


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