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*Not IT Related* - Go Ape

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by , 2nd April 2012 at 11:54 PM (1156 Views)

Thought I would give this a plug as I did this the weekend!

Place called Go Ape, this was one was near Cannock (Bham) but there are a number of them I believe scattered over the UK.
What a brilliant few hours out! I was quite skeptical at first but wow I really enjoyed it, it was a treat from the missis! I thought it was quite expensive (£30 quid each but we had 20% off) but its totally worth it!

Your up probably 60ft up at the highest point (I think) and its great fun! zip-wires, rope ladders, gladiator rings! You get a briefing at the start on how to use the equipment and how to stay safe during the time your there. I was up the 2nd like ridge (which was quite high at that point) and I looked down and I was strapped to nothing...I was like Hmmmmm! Im sure these are meant to be attached!!! You get 2 safety clips and 1 must always be attached at all times....this at the start is a bit like ahhhh but you soon get used to it! im a bit of a bull at a gate! :P

Great fun so if your into that sort of stuff I would recommened it!! (PS - Lads, it can be a bit hard on the old' Mr's if your not careful during some of the more energetic jumps - so be warned!!! )

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  1. CPLTD's Avatar
    As CP's resident orangutang, I've got to agree- have gone Ape at Woburn several times and am a big fan of their work. Agreed on the jump offs, can get a bit of harness squeeze if leg loops aren't tight enough!



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