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Gone to the Darkside...and I Love It!! :)

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by , 20th July 2012 at 08:32 PM (1982 Views)
For years I have had HTC phones, started off with a HTC Hero and then to a HTC Sensation...I loved how you could load a custom ROM and improve the software, when HTC had stopped doing updates, normally the dev's carried on.

For a little while my HTC kept rebooting or switching itself off and I wouldnt notice till I took it out of my pocket, anyways I went to pickup my girlfriend from the airport and we had arranged to meet at the long stay car park (big car park ages away from the terminal) and she rang me and the phone rebooted as I pressed Answer...Arghhhh! Turned it on and rang her...rebooted again! Slammed the phone to the footwell of the car! Eventually managed to find her.

I went to Phones4U (of who I really really rate!) I had 13 months left on my contract so I said what can you do...I paid an extra £65 to get out of the contract (was 275 but traded in my sensation) and got a much better contract.

Back to the title anyway...I have an iPhone...Never thought I would see the day but I love it!! battery life really sucks but its cool, it just works!!!! If anybody can recommend any good apps!



  1. SimpleSi's Avatar
    Words fail me - call yourself a geek!

    You let the Phones4U con you into thinking that an Iphone 4 was better than a Samsung Galaxy S3????

    Are you susceptible to hypnotism?

    Can't wait for the drugs to wear off and you realise what you've done

    What a plonker!
  2. mmoseley's Avatar
    I must admit...I was never an Apple fan - Until I used my girlfriends iPhone...HTC has gone down through the recent years and everything is developed for the iPhone!....Its working quite well after a few "tweaks"
  3. SYNACK's Avatar
    Careful, Tweak it too much and you'll have it crashing on answer just like the Droid. Oh, and watch out for PDFs...


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