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BETT show

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by , 30th January 2013 at 09:48 PM (1320 Views)
Well, today I visited the BETT show at Excel in London and, as a result, today I joined EduGeek.
I wonder what other BETT show visitors made of it?

I made a beeline for and particularly enjoyed the event 'Technology and How We Learn' where Armand D'Angour, Bette Chambers and Susan Greenfield gave us their take on what 'educational software/programming' ought to be aiming for. Highly though provoking.
Brave and outspoken, I particularly enjoyed Bette Chambers (Uni York and Johns Hopkins) urging us delegates to ask of the tech gizmo exhibitors - what proof do you have that your product actually makes a positive difference to learning?

She added that investment in marketing will yield more remunerative payback than investment in robust scientific investigation.... How sad and how true.


  1. vikpaw's Avatar
    @midiwife - so great that you chose to sign up.
    we'd be very interested to hear what led to your decision.
    Did you know about EduGeek before hand?
    Did you chance upon the stand, or seek it out?
    Who did you talk to on the stand?
    What made you sign up?

    Do please introduce yourself here so you can get some welcome hugs and maybe an eduhobnob.


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