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1 AP, 30 clients?

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by , 6th May 2010 at 10:57 AM (1036 Views)
If using 802.11g then 30 - 35 clients could be connecting using Ruckus as long as the encryption is set to AES and not TKIP, this can be an unmanaged AP and then a controller could be added later to make this into a managed device with multiple AP's being used.

Ruckus use beamforming, which mitigates sources of interference which in turn keeps a signal to noise ratio (SNR) at a gain for clients connections resulting in much more reliable concurrent client connections.

If you can stretch to an 802.11n device then you could increase the performance although if you are using 10/100 switches you would experience a bottle neck at 100Mb.

If you wanted to test an AP then PM me and I can arrange for one to be sent out for a few days if it would help.




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