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RDP 7 support, HP T5735 thin clients

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by , 28th January 2011 at 02:37 PM (5681 Views)
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Right, I've been having a play and have now got one of the t5735's running WinFLP with SP3, all device drivers working an the RDP 7 client installed.


  1. You need to get drivers for the SMBus, network card and graphics. These are available below:
    1. - Ethernet NIC NetLink Driver Downloads - Network card (Broadcom Netlink)
    2. Drivers & Downloads - SMBus (ATI SMBus)
    3. ATI Catalyst - Graphics (ATI Radeon X1250)

  2. You will most likely wish to choose a custom install, and check the 'additional driver support' option, to ensure as many drivers are available natively as possible.
  3. When you install the ATI drivers, do an advanced install and choose only the driver, unless you specifically need the 64Mb control centre installing too.
  4. Remember to delete the installer files from the thin client once you have the drivers installed (ie. c:\dell and c:\ATI). This will free up a good chunk of valuable space.
  5. Do a disk cleanup once all the above is done, as this will clear up around another 50Mb of space.
  6. You can tick the 'Compress drive to save disk space' box on the c: drive's properties to free up more space. (This freed up 110Mb of space when I did it).
  7. There is no need for the indexing service to be ticked on the drive, as no files will need searching on the device.
  8. Download the WinFLP SP3 update file from Download details: Service Pack 3 for Windows Embedded for Point of Service and Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs
  9. Follow the instructions part way down the page titled 'Insufficient disk space to install' here You receive error messages if there is insufficient free disk space on the system drive to install the Windows XP Service Pack 3 package
  10. You will likely not have sound now, so will need to install the HD Audio Codecs driver from here Realtek
  11. You can now get the RDP 7.0 client from Download details: Update for Windows XP (KB969084)



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