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lzPingLaunch - Windows Keyboard Ping Launcher

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by , 24th June 2010 at 01:47 PM (2412 Views)
I’ve finally got round to rustling up a little utility to allow me to ping a computer without having to open a command prompt. Instead, all a user of lzPingLaunch has to do is press Alt+Period/Full stop, enter the address in the box and press enter.

I intend to grow this app to have a bit more functionality in the future but whilst keeping to a rule of ‘never more than a couple of key presses away’ for any functions I add.

Anyone interested in downloading it can do so here.


  1. localzuk's Avatar
    For anyone who has downloaded the non-MSI version and found it didn't work, I have uploaded a replacement version which fixes this issue.


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