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On demand services causing trouble?

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by , 9th April 2008 at 10:39 AM (1162 Views)
The 'new' concept of on demand TV shows via your broadband seems to be upsetting ISPs in the UK due to its ever growing bandwidth usage.

ISPs are claiming that the cost of needed infrastructure improvements, estimated at £830m should be paid for by the BBC due to its iPlayer service being the main culprit.

I don't understand this. Why should a company, which pays to host its servers like everyone else does, have to pay to upgrade infrastructure for other companies who have done everything under the sun to not have to upgrade?

Why should the BBC have to fund upgrades to companies which call packages 'Unlimited' and then hide limits in obscure clauses of terms and conditions policies.

I think it is quite simple - the ISPs in the UK make huge profits by ripping off consumers. It is time they woke up and realise that this trend can't continue, and that for their businesses to survive, they are going to have to invest - every other company in the country does.

Source - BBC News


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