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Wandering lonely as a clown...

Fun for a few minutes... Until you end up upside down

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by , 7th April 2008 at 12:32 PM (6628 Views)
Well to start off my blog, I'll post some images of a crash that happened about 10 minutes ago outside my school, in front of our police station...

Why do people who buy this type of car insist on speeding? Yes, the car is pretty damn good but you can still end up upside down and looking like a muppet.
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  1. Domino's Avatar

    if thats how he drives outside a school, what hope does anyone have?
  2. PeterW's Avatar
    What makes you think he/she was speeding?
  3. ZeroHour's Avatar
    He was probably day dreaming to apple.....
  4. localzuk's Avatar
    What makes me think he was speeding is that it would have to have been speeding in order to roll a car, on a straight road after barely clipping a 206. The 206 only had a broken tail light!! Cars don't just roll by themselves on straight roads.
  5. Domino's Avatar
    ....i think that was sarcasm on Peterw's part. least I hope it was
  6. SYNACK's Avatar
    Ouch, what a tool. Was it even a WRX, or is it just a kitted imprezza. We have untold amounts of WRXs around here and they arn't that quick, well unless they are modified properly.

    It serves him right, one for speeding and two for not investing in good tires that could have probably saved him the insurance bill. The tires aren't even directionals and the wheels are standard profile, what was he thinking...
  7. localzuk's Avatar
    Would insurance pay out for this (if he had fully comp), as it was his own fault?
  8. PeterW's Avatar
    Yes I was being sarcastic, badley executed by the looks of it.
  9. localzuk's Avatar
    The internet is a difficult one for sarcasm. Sarcasm tags are always useful <sarcasm></sarcasm>
  10. SYNACK's Avatar
    So long as he never admits guilt and refers to it as a freak accident insurance will probably pay out. If he was drunk, driving without a liscence, car registration or warrant (probably cert in UK) the insurance company will wriggle their way out of paying under those technicalities.
  11. Ryan's Avatar
    Nowt to do with technicalities, if you don't have insurance, a well-maintained car (valid MOT) it invalidates your insurance and you can go and FOAD (as far as i'm aware anyhoo)

    Oddly satisfying seeing a ned wagon in that state though


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