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We got there

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by , 20th December 2009 at 10:03 AM (1425 Views)
End of term we reached our target of 3000 links that we have set up for schools in the UK. We actually had a thermometer on the wall that we coloured in, day by day.


  1. Watson's Avatar
    Congrats, but are the links for, and how can they be helpful?

  2. lizhitchcock's Avatar
    We think about links from the point of view of teaching and learning. We consider they are reflective - they encourage students (and teachers) to up their game which leads to improvement (eg in literacy when writing to your partner school or in communication skills when creating a presentation or resource). They also provide the 'global dimension' which is about young people appreciating other cultures and societies and their context in the world. This aspect is now throughout all QCDA requirements for the curriculum.


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