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St Vincent linking with Bucks schools...

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by , 20th December 2009 at 10:01 AM (1301 Views)
Had Bucks meeting last week in High Wycombe and the 8 heads chosen to go to St Vincent & Grenadines are all fab and full of ideas.

We've also had more than sixty applications from local authorities to link four of their schools with schools in Latin America, India and Sri Lanka, the panel to choose the 25 successful applications is on Jan 7th.

The delegation is going in at the highest possible level so all the materials they share will be properly suited to curriculum requirements. I'm going to try and source a whiteboard for each of the eight partner schools so that webconferencing becomes a part of the link.

I know from past experience that the teachers in SVG will be more interested in their own CPD while the UK staff are seeking impact on learners - linking is sometimes about resolving these two objectives so everyone wins.

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  1. Guinea-La-Pun's Avatar
    Hi there Liz are you still looking for some whiteboards. May know of someone that could help you get a great deal
  2. lizhitchcock's Avatar
    I'm not really looking for a deal; I'm looking for sponsorship - we currently have Intel, Promethean and Dell interested in giving stuff.


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