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by , 1st December 2009 at 08:25 AM (1000 Views)
Well we are off; yesterday I got the news that the Buckingshire area link with St Vincent & Grenadines (SVG) is going ahead. High Wycombe has a lot of SVG families who migrated back in the 50s and 60s; these projects will reflect this community and its history and also include curriculum links to human rights - namely fair trade, slavery ('resistance and rebellion'), MFL (French and Spanish is spoken) and a host of other stuff - arts, music obviously.

How will it be done? I'm talking to Intel about supplying some ICT and sending over 8 heads and two LA people, one of which is head of ICT (and is probably on Edugeek if I looked). Bucks already shares a lot of its curriculum on its Moodle and I am hoping partner schools can do this too; with shared Moodle courses for some of the topics above that allow interraction and exchange to take place through webconferencing, discussion boards and so on.

All the schools that particpate will be eligible to apply for funding for visits and projects over the next 3-5 years, so it should build into a really strong bond between Bucks and SVG.

Jamaica anyone??


  1. lizhitchcock's Avatar
    Had Bucks meeting and the 8 heads chosen to go are all fab and full of ideas. The schools all have some sort of computer in them already, given by the Taiwanese, and so there are two main things - training and linking. Through a link with a school in the UK the training can be supported while at the same time providing access to learning materials that suit the training. The delegation is going in at the highest possible level so all the materials they share will be properly suited to curriculum requirements. I'm going to try and source a whiteboard for each of the eight partner schools so that webconferencing becomes a part of the link. I know from past experience that the teachers in SVG will be more interested in their own CPD while the UK staff are seeking impact on learners - linking is sometimes about resolving these two objectives so everyone wins.
  2. lizhitchcock's Avatar
    End of term we reached our target of 3000 links that we have set up for schools in the UK. We actually had a thermometer on the wall that we coloured in, day by day.
    We have written a brochure for BETT. Please can ANYONE on Edugeek look at it for me to say if it would potentially arrest the attention of a passing ICT HoD or primary ICT coordinator. Pleeeeaaase?


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