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Ramblings from the Restaurant at the Ragged Edge of Reason

  1. My Brain Transplant - of a Brother HL-2040

    by , 26th April 2010 at 10:28 PM (Ramblings from the Restaurant at the Ragged Edge of Reason)
    My opinion of Brother printers is well known to my employers and to anyone who has read more than a few of my forum posts so todays weird task was rather strange.

    At one site we have many Brother HL-20X0x series printers which routinely work fine, fine being a loose definition of cheap and only likely to jam once or twice a day. They also have a nasty little habit of burning out or cooking their paper sensor, oddly the newer ones more so than the originals.

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    You will rejoice

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  2. edIT Roadshow 2010 - Auckland

    by , 21st April 2010 at 03:02 PM (Ramblings from the Restaurant at the Ragged Edge of Reason)
    Today I attended the first edIT roadshow in Auckland, it was held at the Ellerslie Event Centre which pleasantly had lots of parking available and because of its scheduled start time did not involve an extra hour of wadeing through traffic to get to.

    13:30 - Registration
    Arriving in plenty of time I wandered up to the second floor and was presented with a 'goodie bag' containing a lanyard, several flyers for the featured products and some free stuff including a micro mouse from ...

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