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The referendum on voting

Apologies in advance to anyone who was expecting my first blog to be on something technical

Being of an age where voting is something I do partly in respect of the history of those who lost life and limb to protect our rights I'm currently in a quandary over this seemingly pointless referendum on the Voting system. I say pointless because we are given only two options The AV System or First Past the Post.

More thought into the choices needed to be put into the Referendum choices for it to be meaningful. For a start all the choices of voting system should have been listed including that dreadful Party List PR System used currently to send our Politicians to the shambles called the European Parliament (you know the gravy train where they can't even decide upon which building to base the Parliament in).

The main point that is ripping me apart on voting in the current treferendum though is the fact that unless voting becomes compulsory then as usual the right of many is going to be decided by the few who actually bother to vote at all. In the case of the current Referendum the Tories and UKIP will get their loyal vote out and First past the post will remain

  1. Olympics 2012 -crazy waste of money.

    by , 27th July 2012 at 08:21 PM (Speckytecky's Blog)
    Boy, Oh, boy, am I fed up with the whole Olympics 2012 thing. When London was announced as the winning venue I thought it was a great idea. Now, however, I am totally fed up with it all and it's not actually started yet!

    Twenty seven million quid on the opening ceremony today. Someone is taking the country for a ride and having a laugh. That money could have done so much good. Three million on the Olympic Rings dangling under Tower Bridge - another crazy waste of money.