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I am the data analyst for an independent school. I am mainly concerned with managing and analysing the data held in our MIS (currently CMIS). In my academic tracking work I make extensive use of the CEM baseline data (MidYIS, Yellis and Alis) .

I anticipate that much of this blog will be centred around my use of Microsoft Office and VBA. Since I am in the process of considering a complete re-write of my code and approach, I might even use this blog as a dumping ground for my thoughts on the process.

  1. Some Text Editors I Have Known

    by , 24th February 2012 at 02:01 PM (It looks like you are trying to write a blog...)
    This blog has been sorely neglected since I got caught up with our school's switch between MIS providers. So, in an effort to rescue it from the hordes of one-post blogs on the web, here, for no good reason at all, are some of the text editors I have known:


    Yes, we all have to start somewhere…


    Has a better time with Linux/Unix new line breaks than Notepad, but it's a rich text editor >_<

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