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Connect to server and wireless, but no internet acccess HELP

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by , 23rd March 2011 at 04:55 PM (1536 Views)
I have a laptop that I can connect to works network and wireless, but it will not connect to internet.

Error Message: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.

Updated IE to 8
winwock is working fine
tried static IP and DNS did not work
did virus scan did not find anything
repaired IP (several times)

Any other suggestions!


  1. OldFox's Avatar
    Firewall blocking port 80? What O/S? +SPs? When static IP did you enter manual DNS? Test using NSLOOKUP. Does PING resolve text based URL? Assuming Internet is available...
  2. lharris's Avatar
    Thank you very much for your help. It ended up being that some how a proxy was turned on. A fellow co-worker has seen this a lot
    lately that malware is putting in a proxy. As soon as I clicked off the proxy the internet worked fine.


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