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Windows 7 Exam Continued

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by , 23rd June 2011 at 10:15 PM (1816 Views)
Well today i had fun in trying to get Microsoft let me take my exam on the 30th before my exam voucher runs out. Well they won i will have to wait to the 1st of july so i guess another £48 pounds is to be paid out. But on the plus side Iím sat here taking practice exams and watching the cbt nugget

i feel sorry for a friend of mine who is doing his mcitp and the questions are now based on the windows 2008R2 !!!!! didn't see that coming...surely they must of told people about this.

once i have my mcsa Iím going to upgrade that as quickly and humanly possible as I want to study for my cissp,


  1. jtotheb's Avatar
    Microsoft changed the wording on their skills measured pages for the Server 2008 exams, which apparently is all they have to do! I don't remember them making it widely know apart from on their own certification forums. They changed them way back last autumn, but the new official second edition R2 training books have only just come out. I sat the 70-642 just after Christmas and it was R2 based, but I'd known it would be going in.
  2. ICTNorth's Avatar
    Plenty Brain Dumps Mate!! You will be fine lol... Last Microsoft exam I took I noticed they have brought in a lot of simulation within the exam. Reminded me a bit of the CCNA exam but thankfully not as nearly impossible to do in the time they give you lol


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