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Windows 7 Exam

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by , 17th June 2011 at 06:01 PM (2675 Views)
well what can i say

I hate Microsoft unfortunately this is my 3rd attempted at my windows 7 70-680 exam and i got yet again a score of 646. I feel like Iím on one of them marathons where you "hit the wall". for the people are about to take the windows 7 exam donít take it lightly donít think it will be the same as the xp one because if you go into thinking that then you might as well put your money down the drain because it is hard and Iím not ashamed to admit that.
This is going to be my last client exam i ever take again.

Rant over


  1. mmoseley's Avatar
    I Agree...It took me 2 attempts and I think I passed it bang on 700 (i think!) But keep going, it will click!
  2. Grumpy_Old_Man's Avatar
    You'll get there next time.
    I'm another one who needed two attempts. I found the 70-680 exam to be the hardiest of the three Windows 7 exams, probable due to the amount of material covered.
  3. willtech's Avatar
    I somehow passed first time I was half asleep and had not revised. I was shocked when they said I passed. I find the windows server 2008 AD a hard exam
    Updated 20th June 2011 at 10:43 PM by willtech
  4. RobBaxter's Avatar
    People who talk the MSITP EA course anything less than "challenging" is mad. I went to firebrand to do mine, im glad i did as it tool 13 days of solid uninterupted tutoring to get it. The last PRO exam was hard a friggen nails!


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