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Disable Office 2010 Grammar & Spell Checker

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by , 17th May 2012 at 04:41 PM (9109 Views)
Not sure where to start really but I’m just so glad that it’s over and hopefully other people can benefit from this. The fix will work on a Windows XP and Windows 7.
In order to disable office 2010 I’ve applied these settingsPolicy.docx in group policy. It might be best to create an OU separate from the rest of the AD structure and have a block inheritance on it so you can test.
once you have applied all of the settings, you will notice that the review ribbon bar is disabled and greyed out blogs/kevin_lane/attachments/13964-disable-office-2010-grammar-spell-checker-bar.jpg which is all well and good................but it still does not solve our problem, because when you type office spell checker will still come up with the red line underneath the error. so after poking around and looking at 2 different office settings, which may I add at this point I wanted to hit my head against a brick wall!!, but after looking around and trying out different options. I came across this options box and I was looking at it and thinking hang on this can’t be right. This is to easy

so this boxblogs/kevin_lane/attachments/13965-disable-office-2010-grammar-spell-checker-language.jpg was a massive step and a step closer in getting to the goal I needed. And by selecting the Do not check spelling or grammar it worked and by magic my error was not being detected….YIPPPY
so now I found a way to stop spell check from checking my document for errors which was all well and dandy but only problem is how do I get this thing to stick and it go to the point where i was reading 303 page pdf document from Microsoft and reading one of them is like trying to understand hieroglyphics. but trying to find a way to enable this tick box could I find it NO I BLOODY COULD'NT.
At this point it must of been between 10:00pm and half past and I must of gone through EduGeek a fair few times to see if anyone else had come across this. but to my despair no not even one lol.
So I start looking at other sites and people was coming out with all sorts of solutions that either worked or didn’t some sounded like it did but what was involved was really over complicated procedures and reghacks and allsorts....which i wasn’t even going to think about doing because it just seemed so after a good night’s sleep because I had to stopped because my eyes just felt like popping out and trying to use logmein and Impero just wasn’t going easy.

so came in this morning and trying to think how can we do I spoke to my Data Manager who is an office expert and we was looking and showed him what I had done and we wondered if we could save this under the default template that office uses……….sounds simple right….so we made a new template and made the changes to the template so now we need to and replaced them on user profile so we uploaded them to the folder under \Application Data\Microsoft\Templates and then delete the profiles of the computers rebooted and logged back in.....did it stick no !!! and by this point we knew we was close but just what was it that was stopping the template. It turned out that it was office itself so every time we make changes to the template office would over right file which very annoying so the key was permissions so I changed the permission on the template that I created so that the system account had no access to over write the template and hey presto SORTED. We also created a copy of the .V2 profile for windows 7 and rename it something like NoSplChkProfile.V2 just because this way we know that this profile is for office that has the spell checking function disabled along with the GPO settings.

Word of caution as you can see under the gpo settings it will say capitalize the first letter and it is set to disable well not sure but office still capitalizes the first letter why I don’t know

Well I hope you have enjoyed reading this as I have created it

Thank you for your time

Kevin Lane
Network Manager
West Park Academy

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  1. simpsonj's Avatar
    The reason Word still capitalizes the first letter is something to do with Paragraph styles. If you prevent autoformat from applying paragraph styles and/or preserving paragraph styles, Word no longer automatically capitalises the first letter. I've yet to find a way of implementing it through Group Policy however...
  2. simpsonj's Avatar
    Or maybe it's something to do with table cells... Irritating in either event.
  3. kevin_lane's Avatar
    Thanks simpson i will have to look into that


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