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Small Basic Application with Mandatory Profiles

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by , 21st November 2013 at 01:53 PM (6815 Views)
This blog is to help people with problems with small basic

when installing small basic as admin and all is fine you run the program test it out and it works brilliant I thought...NO! I'm wrong, as when you are logged in as a pupil and start to code it runs fine until you save the project and then you get a nice error about access denied.

I thought that it could be an issue with group policy, so I move the user up and up the directory structure and tested and every time with a reboot. At this point I'm thinking ok must be a local issue, so added the test account to domain admins group to see what would happen. You would of thought that the code would run, but no did it heck so at this point I'm thinking ok could be the domain user group, which is added to the local users group on the computer so I remove that and made user that at this point the user was a local administrator. rebooted and logged in and guess what......NO... ACCESS DENIED and at this point I'm stumped.

so after installing small basic on my computer and running the code I noticed that program was running from a temp directory.
so I thought at brilliant, ok lets check this out keeping in mind that we have mandatory profiles. so check all the ACL permissions all was ok. so I took my attention to the local system temp directory tried giving the user full access to the temp dir (still with domain admin group applied) no nothing. By this point I'm looking on the tinternet and seeing if anyone else comes across this problem. I even get the process monitor application to see if I could see anything their and no nothing.

so now I'm thinking what else could it be. so I turned my attention to FSRM, and created an exception for the test accounts home directory, and to allow system files and exe. and hey presto it worked, I could run the application RESULT they can now open, code and run and save.

and just to make sure that they couldn't get to the cmd.exe in system32 I opened word created a hyperlink to the program and they still get the access denied happy days



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