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Frog and FrogOS

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, 20th June 2013 at 06:52 PM (5919 Views)
Been a long time since I blogged on here. I have been in iPad training all day today for my school. We are introducing iPads across the school for some lessons. Each department will have to deliver a unit of work solely through iPads. It will be an interesting experiment, and I remain semi-sceptical about it, yet a little excited. Some of the apps that we are using and testing are great, and hold fantastic potential for teaching and learning and assessment.

We are however also trialling FrogOS with the iPads - we have been using Frog 3 for this year, which has been interesting. Some staff and taken it on board well, and others not. I suppose this is always the case.

I have been reading on here some other people vent their Frog issues. Every VLE will have its issues and technical negatives, but it seems that Frog is quite widely disliked in many ways. It is interesting to read about lots of people finding the whole "refresh" thing being an issue - whenever you go back or to another page, Frog reloads to the home page, losing all what you had created / been viewing. This also happens when you press F5. It seems (having trialled FrogOS for a while now) that FrogOS still does this!! You would have thought that Frog would have sorted this by now!! It can't be that hard, surely? Other than that though, I have to say that FrogOS seems easier and much more user friendly for teachers adding pages, creating content etc.

What are your thoughts? Anyone been using Frog for a long time? Any one using FrogOS?

Over and out.


  1. fouldsy's Avatar
    Hi Jom,

    The refresh issue is due to FrogOS being a browser based platform, so if you refresh the browser itself, it will override whatever Frog is doing.

    A few other Schools have hidden the tool bar completely with F11, to reduce the chances of refreshing the page (but this is just a short term fix) it wouldn't eradicate pressing f5 though.

    I think we are looking at getting FrogOS to save the state of the platform, in case you accidentally refresh the page. So when it loads up again, you will be exactly at the same point (with all the applications you had open too). Also, maybe adding a refresh button on the Frog Page itself would make it a better user experience (in case the page crashes).

    I've shared this feedback with others at Frog for now, and I hope you're enjoying FrogOS apart from that issue.


    Matthew Foulds

    Community Manager, Frog
  2. jom's Avatar
    Thanks for this Matthew, a very quick and useful reply. FROGos seems to be turning out ok and there are lots of useful and more easily adaptable elements to it, than Frog 3.

    Will keep you posted of our trial,


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