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My iHoliday...

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, 28th August 2013 at 08:30 AM (3342 Views)
So - I have just come back from my holiday in Italy (Sorrento). I thought I would blog about how technology helped my holiday, as without it, I don't know where I would have been!

So - my iHoliday started with online check-in, through the Expedia app on my iPhone - I booked the holiday through this company, and I was enlightened to hear an airport "Ding, Dong" noise the day before we ventured to Heathrow Terminal 4. This sound was alerting me to the fact that it was time to check-in. I connected to the Wifi and checked us in, choose the seats and was presented with a QR code boarding pass!


This was brilliant - when we arrived at Heathrow to see the very long, windy queue for check-in, a very helpful lady asked us if we had got Smart phone check-in passes - to which I answered yes. We were taken to a queue with about 3 people in, showed our phones, and within seconds we checked in, paperless and with no baggage!! Very impressed!

Throughout the holiday, I used the following apps on my iPhone:

  • Around Me - to find local places of interest, restaurants and bars.
  • Flashlight - to help us with the dark walk home to our hotel (there were no street lamps!)
  • Compass - I never thought I'd use this - but I needed it to follow to find certain places of interest!
  • Notes - to make notes for this blog post!
  • Sound Cloud - I used this to record sounds from the woods - I uploaded (Facebook and Twitter apps), in order to ask my friends what they thought it was!
  • Camera - this was my digital camera for the holiday.
  • Weather - to find out what the weather was like in different Italian cities, and at home!

So - that was my holiday app and smart phone usage, which all-in-all I was very impressed with. What would I have done without the phone? I suppose you could say I would have used more conversation - asked people where to go, found out where restaurants were on my own, not known the weather, and perhaps not have taken as many photos!!

I love technology, and I used it to help me - a lot! What can I say!? Well done iPhone!


  1. CAM's Avatar
    How much did you get stung for roaming charges though? I hear data is very expensive abroad!
  2. jom's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by CAM
    How much did you get stung for roaming charges though? I hear data is very expensive abroad!
    Indeed!... To be fair I did get about £20 extra on my bill, for 10 days away... but it was worth it!! What a geek I am!! :-)


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