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, 28th March 2013 at 11:38 AM (1319 Views)
So Easter is nearly here for us in Schools. Today at 3.30pm I will be loading my car with boxes and boxes of GCSE and A-Level work to mark over the Easter holidays. What can I say - fun, fun, fun!

I have been busy in Year 10 lessons preparing my students for an exam on 6th June - Cambridge Nationals in ICT. The unit of study is Computer Systems and does involve, very much the use of computer systems and the more technical aspects of the subject - networks, hardware, etc. The pupils seem to be enjoying it, however there is a certain "lecturing" nature to the teaching, which I have not been used to. This is of course an IT course which we have had to introduce on the back of Mr Gove's exam style courses, being an obligations for today's kids. Personally... I'm not sure about it. My questions are thus: are these kids getting anything out of me standing at the front lecturing them for an exam they have in 6 weeks or so? Surely the more practical route and method of teaching is better, and coursework which shows their understanding? I don't know, it is an interesting argument.

Perhaps I need to adapt my new "lecture" type teaching style to be a little more interesting! I'm trying... honest!

Happy Easter!



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