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BETT 2013

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, 2nd February 2013 at 09:20 PM (3964 Views)
Well, I said I was going to BETT and here I am blogging about it. Thanks to LickOfPaint for the comment - I remember going to BETT a couple of years ago and joining Edugeek as a result. I have been using it for hints and tips and to find out info. about certain things, but had never blogged before. So, I was glad to see your comment - thanks!

So - BETT was, as ever, exciting, inspiring and a good event where I was able to see the latest gadgets and gizmos for my classroom. I should say at this point that I am an ICT Teacher.

So - the stands which I wanted to visit were Edugeek, OCR (for its Raspberry Pi demos) and Microsoft for its gaming (Kodu). I was really impressed with the Raspberry Pi elements that I saw at BETT - OCR were really good and have given me some excellent ideas to use in the classroom - not only free resources, but a great demo. I also found a great company called FUZE (Buy Software ::, Where downloadbuyer meets business :: Binary Distribution), who have built some great stuff for the Raspberry Pis to sit in and allow kids to programme and see the results on PCBs attached to the Pi.

As I say, the Microsoft stand I visited demonstrated the use of Kodu, which I was very impressed with - I will be using this with my kids.

The school that I am currently working in is very keen to go down the 'tablets for everyone' root and try to use iPads in lessons more for interactivity and suchlike. Seeing as there has been so much press and hype about this at the moment, I was shocked not to see much about the use of tablets, at BETT. There was plenty of storage solutions for this, but not many ideas. It does make me think that perhaps it has not been fully trialled and perhaps not seen as fully beneficial, therefore no one is shouting about it? What do you think?

Anyway - there we have it, my BETT experience. Always an inspiring visit and something that reminds me why I teach ICT.

I shall update you on my progress with FUZE products and Raspberry Pi lessons!


  1. vikpaw's Avatar
    Hey, good to hear your comments.
    There were a number of seminar sessions for using ipads in the classroom, as well as how to manage them. It's not as easy and straightforward as you'd first think. Quite a few ideas though.
    It depends on what you / the school wants to achieve. Just having them for the sake of it, because, as you say there is a lot of hype, would be the wrong reason. I'd want to do trials in small groups.
    There's no doubt that iPads are slick and easy to use, but i've seen groups of kids evaluate devices and opt for chromebooks over them. iPads are the hardest to manage, but seem to be reliable and have plenty of decent apps out there.
    Check the #lutonipadbett tag on twitter for some tweets on the deployment / issues session. Also the slides are supposed to be on
    I missed the OCR sessions, so if you have notes / links etc that would be useful.
  2. jom's Avatar
    Thanks for comment Vikpaw - I didn't get chance to go to the sessions on iPads, which I regret. Perhaps I would have got some ideas from there.

    As you say it needs trials in small groups, which I think our school are going to do next year with some year 7s. We will see how it goes. I also have heard the positives about Chrome books - we are looking into this now.

    Thanks for the links to the slides, very useful. With regards to OCR and Raspberry Pis, as I said, they were very good indeed and showed how you can do simple programming to make things like lights and motors work from code. They have now put the resources online: ICT and Computing - Raspberry Pi - OCR.

  3. vikpaw's Avatar


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